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30th May 2011


Much to my ignorance, I’ve never realized that there was such an instrument, which you can play without touching and explore the unlimited atmosphere around the instrument. The personal space between you and the magical instrument.

16th May 2011


“Music is an agreeable harmony for the honor of God and the permissible delights of the soul.” -J.S. Bach

10th May 2011


Today was an extremely successful day, since I found out the name of this piece, which I could not remember for my life for years. We performed this when we were elementary students, and whenever I thought of this music, it brought me back to the childish, delightful memory. Such a sentimental piece…

Before I realized, this music have been capturing the moment of the past, like a photograph. Wonder how many more great things there are in music.

9th May 2011


Part II

9th May 2011


Part I

Warning: you are committing a crime if you are playing this in a low definition